Victoria Hot Tub - 6-7 Person


The Victoria hot tub has individualized seating, in an open concept spa? The Victoria’s award-winning design makes this possible. Four corner captain’s seats anchor a total of seven seating positions, which surrounds a series of volcano jets within the large footwell. Built for a crowd, but still offering creature comforts for the individual, the Victoria hot tub is the perfect choice for a large family or frequent entertaining.Reserved for the serious hot tub connoisseur, the Victoria edition offers an unparalleled therapeutic quality massage with a standard feature list that sets it miles above the competition. This superb spa is in every sense of the word a therapeutic massage spa. It incorporates hydrotherapy, coroma therapy, skin therapy, and aroma therapy packages that will have you exalting in luxurious bliss. The Victoria hot tub a twin pump power system will satisfy even the hardest athlete for muscle massage, yet its total adjustability means you can pamper even the most sensitive user.

Victoria hot tub features

State-of-the-Art Balboa Controls and Processors

  • Digital Balboa M7 controls integrated with inovative CSC MapleBlurr™ overlay pad
  • Advanced Balboa Pack technology to give you reliable and speedy performance

SELF CLEAN SPA - using Canadian Spa ‘Mountain Pure™’ system

Auto-cleaning water sanitation system with ozone purification which means that water is filtered first before reaching critical components.
  • 50 sq.-ft filtration to sift contaminants from the water (recommend changing filters annually)
  • Mazzi injected “slow flow” ozone system for effectiveness against bacteria
  • All Canadian Spa Company swim spa shells are made from Lucite® SPA with Microban®* which means your spa surface will stay cleaner between cleanings. * Microban protection inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the spa.

WhiteWater (WW) Jet delivery™ system

  • 46 Adjustable Hydro-Massage Hurricane water jets, 12 Heated Air Jets stainless-steel accented
  • Dedicated 2 x 5Hp Twin Core pumps (Total 10 break horse power)
  • 900W Heated Air ‘Turbo injecting’ Blower (forces warm air down water lines for additional pressure without cooling)
  • Oversized pipe work
  • Tailored Air Controls (Venturies) for added pressure

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Using ThermalSprings™ Heat Reclamation System

  • Canadian Spa Company uses a unique combination of innovations to preventing heat loss and recycling water to save money and energy
  • 5.5 kW Balboa* heater with smart sensors (shuts off heater within half a centigrade)
  • High-quality tough triple layer insulation with IR reflection + thermal transfer blocker package on shell, cabinet and base
  • Active Motor heat-retention
  • Closed cell high density foam to prevent heat loss through the acrylic shell
  • 5” / 3” hard top winter cover with locking straps * BALBOA: Industry leading control system manufacturer with an unsurpassed reputation for delivering reliable spa components

Aurora™ Premium Mood LED Lighting system

  • Perimeter Multicolour LED Lighting
  • Multicolour LED backlit Cascading Waterfall
  • Large underwater Multicolour LED Light
  • Full Control over light settings on Control Pannel


    • 2 x Slow rising waterproof retractable speakers
    • 3.5 mm connection sockets compatible with most MP3 players (standard headphone jack)
    • Built-in high fidelity amplifier delivering high volume with clear acoustics
    • Dedicated waterproof compartment to house your MP3 player (compatible with larger MP3/smart phones)
  • iPod/MP3 enabled music system

Lucite Microban™ Accrylic

  • Microban® antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of stain causing bacteria on the surface of the spa and lasts the lifetime of the spa
  • UV Protected Moulded headrests


  • Anti-entrapment system to disengage the pressure from the suction drains in the event they become fully covered


Technical Specification - Victoria Hot Tub

6-7 hydro massage seats
0 hydro massage ‘no float’ lounger
Capacity: 1,230 litres
MP3 Audio system with 3.5 mm jack
50A/230V GFI breaker required (not included)
Size H219.5, W219.5, D84cm.
50sq ft slip filter
5.5 kW Balboa heater
Packaged weight: 420 kg
Ozone included
Microban acrylic
58 jets (total) including:
46 hydro-massage hurricane jets:
  • 4 shoulder and neck jets.
  • 31 back and lumber jets
  • 6 hip jets
  • 1 leg jet
  • 4 foot and ankle jets
12 heated air jets (pepper pots)
2 x 5 HP water pump
3 x air controls
Hard top safety covers with locks (included)
Step (included)
Aromatherapy system.
Premium LED lighting package.
Processor: Balboa GL system
Heated air blower