Canopia by Palram Arcadia 5000 Carport


Protect your vehicle with a stylish DIY shelter. Arcadia 5000 is a high performance carport that was designed to be installed easily by 2 people within a few hours. No experience, no high skills, and no special tools. It protects your car from snow, rain, leaves and harmful UV rays. Provides your family an elegant clear shelter. Sturdy, maintenance free, no rust or rot, many years of service.

Sliding roof panel system - No glazing connectors are needed, No roof climbing is needed Gutters included Ready to assemble Anchoring kit included
TUV Tested Snow load with 50% margin of safety Heavy duty - weather resistance


Let us introduce you to our Arcadia 5000 carport, a great stylish and durable shelter, protecting your car and patio furniture from rain, hail and snow. It is simple to assemble and easy to use. With its high impact and maintenance free materials,  Arcadia 5000 will look great and stay stable for many years to come.  Palram’s Carport is specially engineered as a 2 man Do-It-Yourself project and will only take you 1 day to assemble. You can create a fantastic shelter for your driveway or garden and improve your home

  • 2 persons’ assembly - no experience, no high skills are needed
  • No maintenance - No rust, rot, moss or fungus to peel
  • Easy cleaning with hose or rain
  • Sturdy and Durable shelter for your carport - Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Rust resistant powder coated frame made of aluminum and galvanized steel
  • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate covering
  • 100% UV protected – does not yellow
  • Strong poles – 80×80 mm
  • Excellent protection - Blocks harmful UV rays to avoid car damages
  • Wide and high entrance for easy & safe access
  • Gutters included – directs rainwater sideward and allow water collection.
  • Laser cut support arms to meets and carry heavy snow load conditions 
  • TwinWall Polycarbonate panels – providing great shade and protections for your vehicle or garden furniture 
  • Re-assembly option - Can be relocated
  • Suits as a gathering area, kids playground or BBQ spot and outdoor kitchen. 
  • Includes 2 rain gutters -1 ¼” Diameter

Super seal roofing system Provides great sealing performance under severe weather conditions and prevents panels from thermal expansion damages. One of the main issues with multi-wall panels is dust and moist penetration into the internal voids. The phenomenon is being magnified especially when dealing with transparent or translucent panels. There are two common ways to solve the issue: 1. Different kinds of tapes with very limited adhesive strength and life time. 2. Crumpling the sheet edge and by that preventing the use of any capping aluminum profile.   Want to learn more about our Polycarbonate panels? 


ASSEMBLED SIZE:  16' 6" L x 11' 11" W x 7' 11" H