Canopia by Palram 12' x 12' Americana Greenhouse



Enjoy modern gardening with a classic ‘Barn shape’ style all in a semiprofessional large greenhouse.

Provides a high interior space that gives plenty of room for growing tall and leafy plants. The Americana 12×12 Greenhouse gives a wide variety of usages thanks to its convenient size and shape.  Perfect for many kinds of activities such as organic community gardens, school activities and people with disabilities and special needs.

Let us introduce you our semiprofessional Americana 12’ x 12’ hobby greenhouse. With its large and high dimensions, you can easily find yourself a enthusiast gardener with a rich yield, thanks to the perfect growing conditions this greenhouse provides.

The Americana comes with a virtually unbreakable  Polycarbonate panels and strong, rust-resistant, reinforced aluminum frame which delivers long lasting durability & strength,  along with an all-around galvanized metal base for adding structure support.

Whether you are a hobby gardener looking to extend your growing season or searching a place to Spa, Palram Americana 12′ x 12′ will answer all your needs. A great place to locate a nice and warm hot tub, aside growing area of flowers, veggies or herbs.

Americana 12′x12′ greenhouse can be great solutions for an outdoor living man cave for hobbies, play, work or leisure activities when your house space is limited  or if  you don’t what it to turn into an expensive and ongoing building project. You can personalize your Americana 12′x12′ greenhouse by adding the essence of your creativity and your personality with great things you enjoy, from foosball and cards games, to gardening hobbies and carpentry works, or any other desire to turn it into your dream cave.

Barn shape – An XL wide & tall comfortable greenhouse

  • Interior space allows plenty of room for accessories, and for tall and leafy plants
  • Perfect for organic community gardens, schools & institutional activities
  • Wide and high entrance with lockable double doors
  • Included 2 Manual Roof Vent Windows
  • Wheelbarrow threshold ramp
  • Reinforced Barn shaped structure
  • Roof panels - 4mm TwinWall Polycarbonate protects from strong sunlight exposure at noon
  • Wall panels - 0.9mm Crystal Clear Polycarbonate provides over 90% light transmission during the morning & afternoon
  • Ease of assembly – sliding panel system
    • No glazing locking parts are needed
    • Light weight panels
    • Step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Ease of use – for everyone
    • Threshold ramp for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs
    • High headroom (2.63m / 103½”) for improved working space
    • Hinged wide and high double door - (115W x 2.16H cm / 45½” x 85” )
    • Safety - no glass to shatter or break