Palram 6' Snap & Grow Greenhouses

SNAP & GROW is a brilliant breakthrough in the hobby greenhouses field. The SNAP & GROW Assembly System is a simple trouble-free installation process. SNAP & GROW is a top level hobby greenhouse with unbreakable Crystal Clear Polycarbonate panels, thick aluminum frame, galvanized steel base and a unique features such as split-hinged door that improves horticulture.

Crystal Clear polycarbonate panels

  • Over 90% light transmission
  • Virtually unbreakable 0.9mm Clear Polycarbonate panels
  • 100% UV protected panels – do not yellow
  • Blocks harmful UV rays to protect inner equipment
  • Panels sliding into locking track

Heavy-duty, doublewall, aluminum frame

  • Rust resistant
  • Galvanized steel base included
  • Frame assembly SmartLock™ connectors - screws free
  • Maintenance free

Additional features to improve horticulture

  • High headroom (2.07m) for improved working space
  • Unique, split-style door provides easy access and ventilation
  • One manual roof vent in 6 x 8,  Two manual roof vents in 6 x 12, Three manual roof vents in 6 x 16
  • Includes dual rain gutters for water collection
  • snow load: 15 pounds per square foot 
  • wind resistance up to 56 mph / 90 kmh