Fraser Synthetic Gazebo


Complete your hot tub purchase by turning your home and garden spa into a home resort with our NEW Fraser Gazebo. This bar kit gazebo allows guests who are not in the hot tub to interact.

The Fraser synthetic gazebo completes your backyard home resort by providing a safe and warm environment to enjoy your spa all year round. The gazebo includes 2 louvre side windows for added privacy and a skylight to view the stars at night. Included with the gazebo is a bar which ensures that you will never be far from the action. Note: Flooring, stools and spa are not included.

Fraser Gazebo Features

  • Synthetic wood to ensure durability and longevity
  • 2 louvre sides for privacy and protection
  • Includes bar
  • Easy assembly

Adding a Gazebo to your garden will not only enhance your spa experience but protect your investment. The spa will be protected from the elements and this will help extend the life of you hard top safety cover. When considering a gazebo it is best to choose the right equipment for the application.

A cover lifter is one item that will make a big difference is the extra space in your gazebo. A top mounted cover lifter is the best choice here as it will require the least amount of space to open your cover. Typically just 8 inches or 21 cm. This means you can get the spa closer to the side of the Fraser Gazebo.

The other advantage of have the spa close to the Fraser Gazebo is there will be less chance of debris or other items falling down between the spa and the Gazebo

Privacy is another advantage of the Fraser Gazebo. The gazebo has 2 sides that have privacy louvers and the other sides are open, so placement of the Fraser Gazebo is important when thinking about sight lines from neighbors.


Assembled Size:  120" L x 120" W x 120" H